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Spider veinsSpider veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins are thin lines that appear on the surface of the skin, most commonly on the legs and face. They can be blue, purple, or red and can appear when the valves inside veins stop functioning properly.

Different factors increase a person’s risk of developing this condition, such as genetics, pregnancy, age, being overweight, hormones, or being a female.

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Varicose VeinsVaricose Veins

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen, enlarged veins that appear most commonly on the legs. They can be blue or purple. Some symptoms of varicose veins include heavy legs, burning, cramps, aching, and swelling.

Varicose veins happen when blood pressure increases inside the legs. Some risk factors for this condition are pregnancy, obesity, genetics, hormones, and age.

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Venous InsufficiencyVenous Insufficiency

Venous Insufficiency

Venous insufficiency happens when the veins from the limbs can’t send blood back to the heart. This makes the blood start pooling inside the veins. Some of the symptoms of this condition are swelling, cramps, leg ulcers, and varicose veins.

Some risk factors for developing this condition are being overweight, pregnancy, genetics, and injuries.

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Leg CrampsLeg Cramps

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps are involuntary contractions of the muscles. They can cause severe pain, and though they are harmless, they can be a sign of a more serious medical problem, such as varicose veins.

When veins stop working properly, they can cause different symptoms, such as cramps, especially during sleeping. To alleviate cramps is important to treat the underlying condition.

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Leg SwellingLeg Swelling

Leg Swelling

Leg swelling, or venous edema, may be a symptom of varicose veins or venous insufficiency. This condition can cause swelling in the legs or around the ankles that worsens when you are standing up or sitting down.

Leg swelling can happen in one or both legs. Other symptoms of vein issues include heavy legs, cramps, and aching.

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Restless Leg SyndromeRestless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS, also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, is a condition of the nervous system that produces an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. It usually happens during the night or when the person is sitting, lying, or resting.

This condition can be caused by venous insufficiency. When RLS occurs with venous insufficiency, it can be improved by treating the varicose veins.

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Leg HeavinessLeg Heaviness

Heavy legs

Leg heaviness can be a symptom of different medical conditions, such as venous insufficiency. This condition can also cause tiredness, itching, and swelling.

Other causes of leg heaviness include pregnancy and obesity. If the feeling of heaviness is worse at the end of the day, during hot weather, or during physical activity, it may be a sign of a circulatory problem.

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